Ayrilirken Summertime Mazi ..... Uzun ince bir yoldayim


20. September 2013, 20 Uhr, Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche


Begum Ozgur

Begüm Tüzemen - Gesang

Özgür Ersoy - Baglama/Mey/Duduk

Sinem Altan - Klavier/ Kompositionen/Arrangements

Olivinn is like a restless sailing ship constantly on the way to new horizons. Their vessel is adorned with jewels and loaded with delicacies. Their sun rises not only in the east, and their compass directs them to more than a single destination. Olivinn’s music triggers awe-inspiring fireworks when Begüm Tüzemen’s versatile and passionate voice meets the tender and yearning sounds of Özgür Ersoy’s duduk (Anatolian wind instrument) or the chrystal-clear chords of his Baglama (Turkish lute). Based on the daring compositions of Sinem Altan and propelled by her animated piano performance, this outstanding ensemble captivates all imaginable audiences.

Warm Mediterranean sound waves, the subtle soul and rich poetry of the Anatolian countryside, the cool forests and refreshing lakes of Western Europe invite Olivinn’s audience to encounter the most surprising arrangements. No matter if their melodies are rooted in Anatolian or German folklore, Turkish or Argentinian tango, European or American musicals, classical music or jazz compositions, Italian or Ottoman arias, Olivinn manage to amalgamate all source material into new formulas for immaculate compositions. Don’t hesitate to follow Olivinn’s musical invitations. Behind every horizon, they conjure up new continents.

"When you listen to ‚Tango Sevdim’ you feel like the earth moves under your skin.!"

Adrienne Boros, manager of Freie Volksbühne Berlin


"The internalised experience of two cultures resurfaces as a new oneness with doubled energy. This creative power is a crucial impulse for our cultural life."

Alice Ströver, cultural spokeswoman for Fraktion for Die Grünen at the Berlin parliament.